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Here are the results of the latest race March 2019. Links to previous results are lower down this page.  We also send them out by email but some servers reject us as spam and addresses get out of date so the emails don't all get through.  If you don't get the email but you'd like to please contact us (see contact us tab).

The next race is the second Wednesday in April which is the 10th. We hope you can come.

Here (in alphabetical order) are the latest handicaps for everyone who has run in the last year. Your handicap is the difference between your last time and the scratch time of 21 mins except that no-one's handicap can be more than 30 seconds more than their previous one. If the link to your club is wrong or there's any info missing please email it to me using the Contact Us button.

And finally, our Roll of Honour.

Please ask your club to link to the Bridges Race site. That way we'll stay at the top of the rankings in Google. We have now reached number 1 hit (out of over 95 million) in the Google rankings if you search on bridges race. Yippee!! [That may not be quite correct. We are number 1 if I search on Bridges Race but I think Google knows that I like the Bridges Race so it may not be the same for you.]